Sandeep Kaseruwala

When I met first time Dr. Upendra Bhalerao, there was a anxiety that what he will say after looking to the reports but while talking to him I was very much relaxed. He was very much calm and practical while talking, looked at every report patiently. Before going to surgery, I was having fear whether there would be any complication but surgery went very well because it was in the safe hands. Post surgery care was very well taken of and information about my recovery was given from time to time. Dr. Upendra Bhalero and his team is kind and helpful and always reachable. Thank you so much for your support.


Deepa Solanki

Dear Dr. Bhalerao, We extend our heartfelt gratitude for saving the lives of two crucial individuals in our family – my mother-in-law and my spouse. Your exceptional care, patience, and constant availability to address our concerns have left us profoundly thankful and indebted. The thought of open-heart surgery posed a challenge to my spouse, but your personal efforts to explain, spend time, and emphasize the importance of the operation played a crucial role in his acceptance. Thank you, Dr. Bhalerao; you hold immense significance for us and our entire family. You mean a lot to me and our Family. Thank you Dr for Everything.


Sudhir Mankame

Dear Dr. Upendra Bhalerao, With immense gratitude and a heart full of emotion, we want to convey how deeply thankful we are for the incredible care you provided to our father during his valve replacement surgery. The beginning of the journey was daunting, filled with fear and uncertainty, but your unwavering confidence and calming personality became our beacon of hope. The surgery you performed isn't just a medical procedure; it's a profound rebirth. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for your dedication and expertise and the genuine care you extended to us. You have not only mended my father's heart but also healed ours in the process. Your impact on our lives is immeasurable, and we will forever hold you in the highest regard. Thank you, Dr. Bhalerao, for being more than just a doctor to us. You are a source of strength, and a true blessing. We are eternally grateful to have met you.


Anirudha Rangnerkar

Dear Dr. Bhalerao Sir, Today, when i think of 5 to 6 weeks down my life and the condition i was brought to Jaslok Hospital, I feel blessed and Highly favored by God, to get my three heart values successfully replaced by a highly skilled and a doctor with great expertise like you. I’m humbled and thankful, to say the very least. This is amazing!! My family is ecstatic!!! We’re extremely appreciative for your valiant efforts in the operation theatre that lasted for around 14hrs 30 mins. It was only possible because of your true empathy towards your patients. For me you were more than just a cardiovascular surgeon, you played the role of being my mentor and every word of advice flowing from you, only added to built my confidence high. Today I feel motivated, enthusiastic and at peace. I promise that I will not let your efforts to save my life go wasted, I will live my life for great purpose and make a difference in others people's lives too. I feel this will be a true honest gift to you. You are simply an amazing human being...... Thank you so much.


Faizan Misri

I met Dr. Bhalerao sir regarding a cardiac problem (Aortic Stenosis) of my uncle. I being Doctor myself am really impressed by the way he explained everything regarding Aortic valve replacement surgery and its pros and cons and present condition of patient and future likley prognosis. My uncle was really skeptical about surgery but after meeting Dr Bhalerao Sir all of our questions about surgery were answered correctly and all the anxieties related to surgery vanished. His gentle nature and way of communication have really impressed us all. Now thinking of going ahead with surgery under his care in a week or two.


Arpit Upadhyay

One of the best surgeons in Mumbai and moreover very level headed and an amazing human being, He did 2 bypass surgeries in my family myself (37 years) and my father (72 years) and it was flawless, We both are doing absolutely fine now , I highly recommend Dr.Bhalerao for any cardiac related issues.


Pramod Kumar Yadav

Dr. Upendra Bhalerao, is the Best Heart Surgeon in Mumbai. God has gifted him excellent magical hands to take care of us. He is very polite and care taking Dr, I have seen so far. Dr, please continue saving lives of your patients. I highly recommend him to all patients. God Bless You, Dr.


Sakshi Dubey 1924

Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr.Upendra Bhalerao taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. An excellent surgeon and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. He is very kind and patient. I am very grateful for him.


Trushar Vadgaonkar.

I met Dr. Upendrji Bhalerao in concern of my CABG heart critical operation on 20/7/2022 and get successfully operated in Jaslok Hospital Mumbai by the successful hands of Dr. Bhalerao on date 22/7/2022.Today I am filling much more better than previous. Dr. Bhalerao and Dr.Chabria and their team took efforts to cure me. Dr. Bhalerao is most senior, expert, confident and very nobel person I had never seen before. He is very ulert towards the questions and problems of the patient and quick responses through mobile phone. Dr. Bhalerao is second form of God. I salute Dr. Bhalerao and expresses my full gratitude for his devoting duties towards patient. May he live long and cure the patient like me. Thanks Doctorsaheb🙏


Vilas Throat

Dear Dr. Upendra Bhalerao,
I would take this opportunity and platform to thank you for your incredible efforts during my bypass surgery at Wockhardt Hospital (Mira Road). It was commendable with a reason that COVID 19 second wave was at its peak and I was also a suspected Covid patient with one heart attack already happened to me. You have conducted my surgery in this crucial time and completed successfully. It is 09 months now and I am living a normal life with no surgery related pain. You have taken great care of my health and your response is very affirmative during each visit at OPD.
You are a rare combination to find which includes a good human being and a professional medical surgeon. I would highly recommend to remain your patient forever.
I wish that you continue your medical profession in similar way for all your patients.


Sargam Rana Raje

Wonderful doctor and an amazing human being, always reachable. Gives an holistic approach in treatment. Highly recommended


Ramzanali Bhojani

At the age of 38 had two stents implanted and at 40 suffered a major heart attack and had three blockages when I was referred to Dr Upendra Bhalerao, he successfully did an open heart surgery in November 2021. I would highly recommend him to any one who has any heart issues.


Rahul Ramchandran

There are no words that could express my gratitude towards you. I was on the verge of dying when I came to you during lockdown with my heart enlargement, which didn't let me sleep or eat. You showed great responsibility towards me, changed my valves, and made me live my life again. It's been two years, but I and my family are very grateful to you. The best thing is that we can approach you through the phone 24x7, and you are always available. You made me believe that this is just a part of life and brought positivity into me


Kajal Yeram

He is very helpful, polite and care taking Dr, I have seen. I highly recommend him to patients. God Bless You sir.


balaji balpelwad

*Respected Angel Dr Upendra Bhalerao Saheb Jaslok Hospital Mumbai*
In my life, I experienced a life-threatening illness. During this time, I encountered benevolent individuals like you and gained real-life experiences. Crises and illnesses are inevitable in human life, and in such situations, we truly discover who stands by us. Countless people, even those distant from us, begin to empathize with our struggles. Doctors, compounders, and nurses at Jasalok, along with my family members, worked tirelessly, showing love and care as if we were their own siblings. I cannot forget their kindness throughout my life. However, those who sympathize with us during times of trouble, offer financial assistance, and dedicate their time, feel like angels. It is during such moments that one truly understands the essence of life. Having tasted life's bitterness, I am determined to express my gratitude to those who helped me. I extend my thanks to all the staff, Mr. Baburao Kohlikar Saheb, the Chief Minister, and all the social service organizations that support society, directly or indirectly, including the churches.